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7/25/2014 - In a new trend, crooks are trying to rip off insurance companies by targeting motorists and their cars. Planned auto insurance fraud has been huge in large cities for decades, but investigators say it now has established a real presence in Utah. “Al
7/25/2014 - A man who police say had been drinking was involved in a road rage incident during a downpour Tuesday evening and was injured when he was run over by his own pickup truck. Joseph H. Carl, 48, 1012 NE 15th Place, drove his truck into the rear of a vehicle
7/25/2014 - Days after two naked college-age men and a third underwear-clad accomplice broke into her restaurant to steal burgers, Doc’s Beach House waitress Nancy Sansevieri is still laughing. Why would three naked "knuckleheads" break into a Bonita Bea
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