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2/26/2015 - The National Football League has quietly announced that it is suspending a pilot program to track player concussions with helmet sensors. The sensors track the frequency and velocity of hits to the head, and will still be used in other studies from the yo
2/26/2015 - It is the third big winter storm in less than two weeks, and much of the South continues to shiver under another powerful blast of snow, sleet and ice. States like Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas have declared states of emergency. Vinita Nair reports f
2/26/2015 - Rhonda Kent, an occupational therapist from St. Albans, Maine, said her car was sideswiped amid the pileup, which sent cars and trucks spinning. She was not injured but said a logging truck came dangerously close to hitting her when it spun off into a dit
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