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   Writing repair estimates on Property claims.
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I am new here, I am a examiner in Ontario Canada and I recently had an insured challenge how restoration contractors write restoration estimates.  Up here, we get an estimate to repair, then 10% overhead and profit are added, with 5% GST (tax) being added on everything.  His argument was that the GST should be charged on the work, not the overhead and profit.  Is there any website or information anyone can provide that lays out how estimates are to be written?  I have been searching all over, and cannot find anything useful.  Thanks in Advance. 

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In writing that estimate, which program do you use?
I believe the sales tax is added prior to the 10% Overhead and 10% Profit. The contractor should get 10 & 10 on the sales tax, because he has to manage the payment of the sales tax.
I do not believe sales tax should be added to the O & P.
This is how the estimating program I have used for many years calculates it
However, I have never had the opportunity to adjust in Canada.


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George Milnes


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Goods and Service Tax (GST) is applied to the total net after Overhead and Profit are calculated. Check with Revenue Canada!

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