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   Preparing Estimates for Property Adjusters
P:  9/18/2009 6:51:26 PM


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Does anyone know a place where or someone who would be interested in having their estimates prepared for a fee?


Emerson A Moseley Jr

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P: 9/20/2009 10:57:24 PM
Kevin Hromas


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Mr. Mosely,

The problem with an adjuster using an outside party to prepare their estimates is the potential legal liability they would be faced with in the event of a dispute. I personally would not want to be on the stand answering questions about how the estimate was prepared by someone else but my name went in on the file.
The time involved to review an estimate line by line to make sure it covered all the damages seen would likely be close to the time it would take an experienced adjuster to write the estimate himself in the first place. Unless you actually walked the damages yourself, outside of a typical roof claim, it would be difficult to prepare an accurate estimate without having seen the damages.
I do not recommend the practice and if I ever caught an adjuster doing that on a consistent basis it would be the last time they ever worked a loss in the firm I am with. (NOTE: Contents are a completely different story as photos and descriptions can be used to determine the reasonable loss value.)
Kevin Hromas - JD, PLCS
EGA - Houston, TX

Kevin Hromas - JD,EGA,RPA,PLCS,WIND Umpire
Houston, TX

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P: 9/21/2009 9:30:36 PM


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Thank you very much for the information!  It just has been so "dead" in South Florida concerning claims for my company that I am not getting my bonus checks.  I was just looking for a way to make extra income on a part-time basis.

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P: 9/23/2009 9:21:02 AM


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There are companies that provide "Construction Consulting Services" to adjusters.

These companies are hired to prepare a detailed estimate of repair. They possess the credentials to "back-up" that estimate if a dispute arises.

These are normally large losses. 

I Post Large, it is easy on old eyes!!

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P: 5/27/2010 6:13:32 PM


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Yes, I agree with the poster above, only a good idea for content claims.
For both sides, the insureds and the IAs, content claims are often the most time consuming aspect of the claim process. As an inventory can be between 1500-5000 line items, this very well could be the most hated aspect of all adjusters, public and independent.
As an independent adjuster, you will receive a hand written, chicken scratched inventory, priced in whole numbers, with a 6 figure total... and your job will be to verify each line item (slash down when needed), support your slashings, type up into your companys standard spreadsheet/form, and of course, the insured will forget to add in ages, so you will have to request that, and then attempt to apply depreciation to each line item (*see my broad evidence post) to determine the acv.
Then, the best part....negotiation!
We do very well, providing remote bpp/pp claim documentation/valuation services to adjusters, as most hate the process, they are more then happy to sub it out for a small fee (per page to keep it simple).
I will check if we have any you have content experience?
Our remote inventory service will help you to eliminate errors, improve efficiency, and increase customer service while maintaining document consistency.

Our professionals assist you in processing your inventory claims-related tasks and perfectly combine in-depth industry expertise with innovative methods. This unique service was designed to improve the quality and credibility of your client's content claim and to save your firm countless hours of data entry, valuation, and report writing-related tasks.

Digitory's Remote Inventory Solution allows Adjusters to submit handwritten or dictated personal property inventory documentation for transcription, valuation, and substantiation. Completed content claim reports are mailed back to the Adjuster in electronic format, with RCV and/or ACV quoted for each line item and a recapitalization page with totals.

Our Remote Inventory Solution covers the collection of data, completion, and management of critical steps in the content claims process:

  • Processing of all provided documents. This includes scope of loss, receipts, invoices, and photographs.
  • Electronic claim documentation. Content claim reports are completed in a digital format which includes the valuation of the loss and supporting documentation for the prices.
  • Quick and efficient communications, including transfer of files between all parties. All transactions are made online. You can view status updates online and will receive a copy of the final claim inventory online.
  • Claim management. An account manager will oversee your claim from start to finish and coordinate with you and your client, leaving you more time to focus on profitgenerating activities.

Customized services: Upon request, special arrangements are available for any additional administrative support you may need.

Each and every step of insurance claim processing is important. Accuracy and timeliness are our main objectives.

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