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Can someone help me. what is the difference between msb software and integra claim software. My guess is its the same software made by msb?



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MSB Timeline


E.H. Boeckh is founded by Colonel Everard H. Boeckh of the Army Corps of Engineers to provide clients with expert consultation on construction methods, costs and value engineering.


Marshall & Swift is founded as a publisher and source of building cost data for the insurance, construction and appraisal industries.


Marshall & Swift publishes the Marshall Valuation Service followed closely by the Residential Cost Handbook. These books, which became industry standards, are still in publication today.


Burgeoning construction of “tract” homes creates a need for a simple, efficient way to calculate replacement costs. Both E.H. Boeckh and Marshall & Swift provide “square foot” and “unit count” building cost estimation guides.


E. H. Boeckh & St. Paul insurance define the concept of “Insurance to Value” as a way to determine adequate coverage limits for residential and commercial structures.

1970s and 1980s

Spurred by increased business use of personal computers, Boeckh and Marshall & Swift automate their residential and commercial valuation data and methods.


Recognizing that homebuilding methods had changed since the 1940s, Marshall & Swift introduces “total-component” estimating. This valuation method considers labor and materials for each unique home.


Marshall & Swift’s turnkey Tele-Estimating® Services use direct mail and telephone contract techniques to “co-manage” Insurance to Value programs with carriers.

1980s – 1990s

Both companies continue technology enhancements, leading to Windows-based applications for residential and commercial Insurance-to-Value and claims estimating processes.


E.H. Boeckh, Marshall & Swift and DDS merge, creating MSB, the leading provider of building cost data and estimating technology to the property insurance, appraisal, tax assessment, real estate and lending sectors in North America.


MSB’s new Claims Analytics Services manages property claims severity by identifying claims best practices and correcting the adverse drivers of severity.

MSB announces a commercial Insurance- to-Value service, Commercial Tele-Estimating™ Services.

Research from MSB reveals pockets of high-worth areas where home design and lifestyles significantly increase labor and material costs as well as replacement costs.


MSB’s on-line contents search engine PAWS® streamlines contents claims processing.

MSB premiers the industry’s first automated valuation tool for mobile-manufactured homes.


“Total-component” claims estimating database from MSB boosts cost data localization and increases claim estimating accuracy.

MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates (MDA), a provider of essential information solutions worldwide, purchases MSB.


MSB’s on-line application RCT High-Value™ fits the special valuation requirements of high-value and custom homes.

Hazard Express™ premiers. This interactive application from MSB helps carriers prevent or mitigate losses.

MSB’s Data Assets group introduces the industry’s first Price Surge Database that predicts post-catastrophe property replacement cost volatility.

Field Information Transfer™ (FIT) technology from MSB simplifies transfer of data from field inspectors into carriers’ policy issuing systems.

MSB premiers AccuCoverage™, an on-line home valuation tool for consumers offering the same technology and data used by nearly 90% of U.S. homeowners insurers.

MSB augments the IntegriClaim estimator with “total-component” data that reflects the exclusive finishes, features and contractor operations unique to high-value and custom-built homes.


MSB innovates residential quoting and underwriting with InterChange®, an on-line resource that pre-fills MSB’s home valuation applications with validated, scored home characteristic data collected from reliable third party sources

MSB Hazard Express™ geospatial Web technology integrates hazard data into underwriting and sales workflows.


Risk-based modeling technology developed by MSB and actuarial firm EMB improves homeowners policy pricing by enabling the granular risk-segmentation pricing that has been successful for personal auto lines of business.

FEMA flood zone batch processing service from MSB verifies flood data for carriers in 72 hours.

MSB puts on-line rules-based underwriting decisioning combined with geospatial hazard data at the point of sale to automate consistent and profitable risk selection.


MSB transforms property reinsurance with ReAlign™, the only application that predicts the degree of undervaluation in a book of business to reduce the risk inherent in reinsurance portfolio transactions.

An IntegriClaim® adjuster certification program adds a new dimension to validating the effectiveness of claims adjusters.


I Post Large, it is easy on old eyes!!

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P: 10/28/2009 9:18:18 PM


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I found that after I had posted.


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