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I am looking for help on DVDs & CDs that have been in contact with water. Are there some efficient methods to determine the condition of these PP items short of watching and/or listening to hours upon hours of content?


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Contact with water, by itself, should not damage CDs or DVDs.  I would need more info to give you a better answer.

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P: 4/2/2010 4:09:55 PM


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I don't believe that water actually damages the cd or dvd at all.  If you need the sleeve info that comes in the case, there are companies that can replace these.

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P: 6/2/2010 8:38:53 PM


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The CD/DVD may be ok; the paper with in the case may not. In order to comply to the terms and conditions of the insurance contract ie policy, the insured must become whole. It may be more costly for the carrier to pay someone to locate each cd cover/case, as I dont even know if this type of items are commercially available.

Another method to reduce complication would be to clean the cds/dvds to functional level and apply a diminution in value to the items, as they are not in the original manufacture's packaging.

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