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   Training class question
P:  5/22/2010 3:28:03 PM


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Have  any of the auto adjusters here taken technical auto adjusting class through Worley. It is a 4 day course for 400.00 where as Pilot has an 8 day course for 1000.00. Any info would be helpful.Thanks! 


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P: 6/3/2010 1:03:35 AM


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I hope you have not yet choose either (WORLEY COMPANIES or PILOT) for AUTO CLASSES. I have gone to both. Don't waste your time. With WORLEY you would end up getting stuck working (STATEFARM) auto claims. STATEFARM is very picky and hard to work with on auto estimates. PILOT has a problem with over staffing on CATS amd ends up sending a lot of auto appraisers home real quick. Pilot auto classes forget it

But I do have two great companies to work with auto class wise. (WARDLAW CLAIM SERVICE) and (EBERLS CLAIMS SERVICE). Good luck. I have done both and I am happy.

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