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   Auto damage from lightning
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I have recieved an assignment for an alleged lightning strike. The insured owns a 2010 Chevy Silverado that recently had a trailer wiring harness installed at a local dealer. Recently all three major control modules have failed. The dealer is stating that the vehicle was hit by lightning. The facts of the loss from the TPA are saying the vehicle has no sign of damage (not uncommon) but they are stating the point of entry is from the OnStar antenna. I am familar with the "skin" effect from lightning damage, but they are saying there is no damage to the antenna itself. I am going to treat this as any other lightning investigation, pulling the reports and what not, but does anyone have any advice about looking for any other physical damage or things I should be aware of.?

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P: 7/20/2010 7:23:19 PM
Kevin Hromas


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Take a look at the following link from the National Lightning Safety Institute.

Without physical manifestations of the strike on the vehicle itself, you may be up against proving or dis-proving the effects of electromagnetic pulses put out by a lightning strike in close proximity to the damaged item being claimed. Does not releave the Insured of the duty to prove their loss so they will need to provide information as to where they were when the strike occurred, what happened immediately after, etc. Typical investigational data. Then pull a lightning report for that time and area and see if one actually did strike.
Consider the cost of the investigation as opposed to the cost of the claim payment after deductible is applied and go from there.
Let us know what you end up doing.
Kevin Hromas - JD, RPA, PLCS WIND Umpire
EGA - Houston, TX

Kevin Hromas - JD,EGA,RPA,PLCS,WIND Umpire
Houston, TX

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The insured actually disagrees with the dealership's findings. He just filed with his carrier for assistance. The truck was parked next to 2 other vehicles that suffered no damage. Three main control modules are said to not be working. I was discussing this with another adjuster who stated that 3 modules not working are suspect and would not appear to be from a pulse of lightning. He said that it's common to not find an entrance point, but unless the vehicle's structure absorbed the stike (antenna), there will most likely be an exit point which may be difficult to locate. He doesn't believe if at all this was a direct hit, and because of the 3 modules, doesn't sound like a "pulse" situation either. I will know more and report back tomorrow after I inspect the vehicle. Thanks for the advice.

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