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6505 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842
Phone: 410-723-6935
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6/30/2016 - It didn’t take much for thieves to steal the brand new full size farm tractor from a Southwest Michigan farm implement dealership last year. Police said the suspects drove up to the business, cut a wire that secured the vehicle to another tractor th
6/30/2016 - Snake oil salesmen in the 1800s made a living selling potions with extravagant healing claims that were patently false. Medical con artists, like all con artists, trade in ignorance. Snake oil salesmen trade in the victim’s ignorance of medical scien
6/29/2016 - A cleanup effort and damage assessment is underway in Poplar and Brockton after a severe Friday night storm, caused by a possible bow-echo with 85 mph winds, hit the area. A bow-echo is a bow-shaped radar signature associated with fast-mov
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