A blaze at a fireworks factory in England leaves four injured and one person missing. Rough cut, no reporter narration.
Friday, October 31, 2014
An armed robber was taken down by a defiant store clerk in Stoneham. The clerk fought off the robber using chili powder. Now, police are hunting down the suspect in the violent robbery attempt.
Friday, October 31, 2014
Currituck County Sheriff Susan Johnson says they are still trying to determine a motive for Friday afternoon's fire at the Twiford Law Firm.
Friday, October 31, 2014
HAYWOOD CO., N.C. -- Fall leaves are about to shine. But they, and drier autumn air, increase the odds of wildfires.
Thursday, October 30, 2014
A slow-moving river of molten lava from an erupting volcano creeps over residential and farm property on Hawaii's Big Island.
Thursday, October 30, 2014
While FBI statistics show that overall auto theft is down, one car-related crime is on the rise. The National Insurance Crime Bureau says it has seen more rental car thefts in the last four years.
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
A 10-year-old girl is recovering at home after she says she flew off a trampoline and through a window at a gymnastics center in Antioch, California. (Oct. 28)
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
NASA and Orbital Sciences officials say they are investigating the explosion of an unmanned commercial supply rocket bound for the International Space Station. It blew up moments after liftoff Tuesday evening over the launch site in Virginia. (Oct. 28)
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
A man in China has been dubbed the country's 'worst driver' after police released CCTV footage of him taking 10 minutes to reverse out of a space. Report by Sarah Kerr.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
At 23:19 Friday, October 25, Whitehall Fire Radio sent Whitehall Station 1, Engine 4, 14, Woodlawn Engine 32 to the Helfrich Springs Apartments located at 900 Mickley Road for a fire on the balcony. Chief 16 (3501) arrived and reported a working fire in building 'V', a 3-story Occupied Multiple Dwelling (OMD). The seat of the fire was located on the top floor of side 3 (rear). The fire dropped to the balcony below and extended into the cockloft before the arrival of the first due company. Chief 16 (3501) special-called Whitehall station 3 at 23:25. Engine 1 arrived and stretched a line to the fire floor. Members pulled ceilings and found heavy fire in the cockloft. At 23:27, command special-called Catasauqua's Ladder 231. Ladder 231 positioned in the rear of the fire building. Whitehall's Squrt 3 (3831) positioned in front of the building and set up their elevated master stream. Assistant Chief 1A (3602) ordered all members out of the fire building at 23:46 so the master streams could go in-service to try and darken down the bulk of the fire. At 23:43 command ordered the 2nd alarm be struck. Whitehall Fire Radio transmitted the 2nd alarm sending Whitehall Engine 2, Catasauqua Engine 211, Coplay Engine 5, HanLeCo Engine 33, North Catasauqua Engine 18, Northampton Engine 42 and Schnecksville Engine 22. With the fire extended to exposure 4, a similiar attached building, crews went to the roof and made a trench cut while interior members pulled ceilings. The crews working this exposure stopped the fire from extending past the first apartments in that building. When the bulk of the fire was darkened down in the original fire building, the elevated master streams were turned off and interior crews continued hitting the fire from the interior. The bulk of the fire was was out by 00:30 hours Saturday morning. However, crews remained on the scene overhauling and hitting hot spots well into the morning. Mutual Aid companies started picking up and returning around 01:15. The fire was determined to have started in a storage room on the balcony of the third floor apartment. *NOTE ~ The first alarm assignment on this call was altered and some initial first due companies on the box were not sent because 3 out of 5 department stations were out-of-service for a fund raising event that is conducted on Friday and Saturday evenings through the month of October. Stations 1 and 4 run the calls during the event with South Whitehall's Woodlawn Engine 32 on the initial box as mutual aid.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
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10/31/2014 - Two passengers on an excursion train that was struck head-on by another train in northwest Arkansas have filed civil lawsuits against the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad. Corliss Johnson of Rogers and Margaret Harkins of Lowell have filed separate lawsuits a
10/31/2014 - An early morning fire ripped through a West Philadelphia apartment building sending a resident and a fire fighter to the hospital and leaving dozens homeless. It happened in the 100 block of 62nd Street just before midnight Thursday evening. Heavy flames
10/31/2014 - Firefighters rushed to the scene of an apartment complex fire Tuesday in Buckhead.The fire happened at the Victoria Apartment Homes on Roswell road just before noon. Multiple fire crews were called to the scene to battle the flames.Officials say fir
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