Crews in Orange County are working to stop a large sinkhole from growing behind a Windermere home. The sinkhole opened up in the backyard of a home on Indian Deer Road, in a subdivision off County Road 535 at Tilden Road. The hole has grown from 34 feet wide to about 100 feet wide. That's about the length of a basketball court, and officials said it's still growing. Crews said the hole is about 50 feet deep, and has swallowed up three oak trees, which look like bushes in the bottom of the massive hole. Only a few feet separate the sinkhole from the back of the home. The family renting the home has been safely evacuated, including four children, a cat and a dog. Lou Lambros said he and his family had only been living in the home for two months. "The ground was just falling into the hole, and the trees were gone," he said. "It was happening very rapidly, too. So I immediately ran back in and said, 'Get the kids out of the house.'" Firefighters have begun helping the family move their belongings. Family members said a hammock their son was lying on just Wednesday night is now at the bottom of the sinkhole, tied to two trees. Officials said a geologist is on the way to the home to investigate. - Go To YouTube
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1/23/2015 - National highway safety advocacy group rates Mississippi as one of the nine worst states in highway safety laws.The state received a red rating as one of the states dangerously behind in the adoption of highway safety laws. States receive a red rati
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