CG 00 01 12 07 Commercial General Liability Coverage Form

The Commercial General Liability (CGL) form provides property damage and bodily injury liability coverage arising out of business operations and is usually a part of a commercial package policy (CPP). It specifically excludes coverages that would be found in companion policies, such as automobile-related claims which are covered under a business auto policy.


NAF 2000 (1215) - Aviation Commercial General Liability Policy

Aviation Commercial General Liability Policy details Coverages, Insureds, Conditions and Exclusions.

FL 04 11 (10-06) - Basic Farm Premises Liability

This form is an endorsement that modifies the commercial general farm policy.

FL 00 20 10 06 - Farm Liability Coverage Form

The Farm Liability Policy includes Coverages, Exclusions, and Conditions.

General Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim- (ACORD)

General Liability Notice of Occurrence/Claim form from ACORD.

BP 17 02 07 13 - Condominium Commercial Unit-Owners Coverage

An endorsement form issued by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) for insuring businesses. Modifies the Businessowners Coverage Form BP 00 03 to include Section I business personal coverage for insureds with condominiums. Also modifies the definition of when a unit is considerd vacant.

PP 00 01 (01-05) - Personal Auto Policy

The ISO Properties personal auto policy includes Coverages, Exclusions and General Provisions.

FP-2 (11-11) - Dwelling Policy - Broad Form

The Broad Form Dwelling Policy form includes coverages, perils, exclusions and conditions.

BP 00 03 07-13 - Businessowners Coverage Form

A 2012 policy form issued by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) for insuring businesses. The policy provides property coverage for "covered causes of loss" under Section I and liability coverage under Section II.

FP 00 13 09 03 - Farm Property - Farm Personal Property Coverage Form

Farm property policy lists personal property coverage, coverage extensions and exclusions.

HO 00 08 05-11 - Homeowners 8 - Modified Coverage Form

Homeowners 8 Modified policy includes Coverages, Perils, Exclusions and Conditions.