COVID-19 Vaccinations and Their Effects on Employment

 Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Location: Online

Sponsor: CLM


Now that COVID-19 vaccines have rolled out and approximately half of the American population is fully vaccinated, we can take a deeper look at the vaccinations and their effects on employment and shine a light on some of the disparities that were exposed as a result of the vaccine rollout. This presentation will also address frequently asked risk management questions from the standpoint of employers as it pertains to the COVID-19 vaccine. For starters, presenters will display the huge racial and ethnic disparity of the vaccine rollout (fully vaccinated population – 61% White / 12% Black / 17% Hispanic / 6% Asian). We will then try to answer the big question: WHY? Was it an egregiously poor effort by the U.S. government? Was it the deep mistrust minorities have for the U.S. government? Presenters will also tackle some of the important questions that are on the minds of employers. For example:

Can employers require employees to be vaccinated?
Are employers required to facilitate their employees’ vaccinations efforts?
Can employers require employees to wear masks at work?
Will there be insurance coverage if an employee alleges unsafe workplace due to contact with an unvaccinated coworker?