2018 Insurance Fraud Hall Of Fame

 Monday, December 10, 2018

 Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Firefighters die in a burning building. … A mother poisons her infant for life insurance. … A sober home plies addicts with drugs for bogus rehab claims. Welcome to the Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame, home of America’s nine most-brazen insurance scammers of last year. The No-Class of 2018 proves insurance fraud is hardly a victimless crime. We’re all victims, $80-billion worth. Honest Americans lose their lives. … Our identities are stolen … … Our bank accounts are drained … We’re given painful and disfiguring surgeries. … Families face stress and despair. … Scams drive up everyone’s premiums. Fraud fighters are hunting hard. Let’s turn the corner on insurance fraud together — one scammer at a time.
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