Police: 70-Year-Old Woman Ran Million-Dollar Theft Ring That Paid Heroin Addicts To Steal

 Wednesday, December 12, 2018

 FOX 5

The Dearborn Police Department announced Monday that officers broke up a major retail fraud ring. They say everything from guns to liquor and even energy drinks were stolen. Dearborn police said they recovered a trove of stolen goods, including $600,000 in cash - some of which was stuffed in a Velveeta box - as part of an organized crime ring run by a 70-year-old woman. That woman, identified as Beverly Jo Sassin, was running the crime ring out of her business - the Cas Bar - on Michigan Avenue in Detroit, according to Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad. "It’s a million dollar operation. This is not somebody looking for a deal at Christmas time or buying some used merchandise from a friend. This is an ongoing criminal enterprise that victimizes everyone," Haddad said.