Does Music Touring Insurance Cover Coronavirus? It’s Complicated

 Friday, March 13, 2020

The live music industry and the insurance industry are battling over who’s responsible for canceled shows’ multimillion-dollar losses. A contract obtained by Rolling Stone shows coronavirus specifically excluded in coverage.

Coachella is on hold for six months. Concert giants Live Nation and AEG are pausing all tours. As festivals, shows, and other music events flounder due to the global coronavirus outbreak, many in the music business are scrambling for answers from tour insurance — only to find that insurers don’t want to be on the hook for payouts, either.

The Covid-19 outbreak, which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic on Wednesday, is not being covered by most major music insurance companies, according to agencies, attorneys, and artist business managers contacted by Rolling Stone. Of the two types of music insurance available — promoters’ insurance and artists’ insurance — the former typically does not include pandemics in the first place, and the latter is also usually too restrictive to cover disease-related scheduling changes that don’t come from an artist’s personal health issues, sources say. To stem any doubt, many insurers also wrote a specific coronavirus exclusion into new policies as the coronavirus outbreak began to spread globally earlier this year.