Nashville Bombing: Drone Photos Show Downtown Devastation

 Thursday, December 31, 2020


Federal authorities released the sprawling crime scene of the downtown Nashville bombing to Metro police Wednesday afternoon. The scene is now in the hands of the Metro Nashville Police Department and will be overseen by officers for the foreseeable future, the department said.

Some buildings pose a structural danger, MNPD said in a tweet. At least 41 businesses were damaged in the blast, but the extent of the damage is largely unknown due to the crime scene being locked down by federal authorities.

It’s not clear when Metro codes will gain access to the site to assess damage, but when that happens, it expect its work to be completed fairly quickly.

Aerial photos offer a new view of the scope of damage left behind by the blast. Investigators combed the area for evidence for days, while gradually cleaning up and releasing parts of the scene back to the city.