Claims Solicitation Raising Florida Insurance Rates

 Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Florida’s Insurance Commissioner says claims solicitation is raising the cost of Florida’s property insurance industry for both consumer and provider. David Altmier told a Senate panel Tuesday that rates for property owners will continue to rise unless something is done.

David Altmaier, head of the Office of Regulation, used a graph to show lawmakers the losses insurance companies took in 2020.

“That’s almost a billion dollars, little over a billion dollars in underwriting losses for Florida’s domestic industry through the first three quarters of 2020," said Altmaier. "So that’s not even a full year yet and we’ve almost doubled the underwriting losses from last year.”

Altmaier says while lawsuits are a main driver—a growing issue is roofing claims.

"You might have heard a lot about roofing claims that are going on in our state with particularly the solo counties that I reference moments ago. These don’t appear to be normal roofing claims in which a consumer notices that they’ve had a loss and calls their insurance company, but instead solicitations," said Altmaier.
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