Florida Paid Out About $55M In COVID-19 Claims

 Wednesday, January 27, 2021

 Business Insurance

About $55.4 million was paid out in Florida for more than 29,000 COVID-19 medical and indemnity claims in 2020, according to a report released Tuesday by the Florida Division of Workers Compensation.

All except about 1,000 coronavirus claims came from the education and health services sector and public administration, which includes first responders, according to the report.

Nearly 15,000 claims were covered by insurance, about 4,000 were covered by private self-insurance, and the remaining 10,000 by self-insured government.

Florida reported about 9,000 open COVID-19 claims at the end of the year, with benefits paid out for those claims totaling $31.3 million, and a little more than 20,000 in closed indemnity claims, with $24.1 million paid out for those claims.
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