Man-Caused Explosions Start Blaze That Destroys Pennsylvania Townhouses

 Friday, June 11, 2021

 CBS Philly

Explosions led to a massive fire in the Eagleville section of Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County Thursday.

Several townhomes were set ablaze, gutted and charred. Several families have been displaced.

A coroner’s van has been on the scene, but it’s unclear if investigators have located the homeowner’s body in the rubble.

Police say a code enforcement officer responded to a residence on Cardin Place for a follow-up inspection. For what, we still don’t know.

Police then say the man pulled out a gun on the officer, who was able to escape.

When police showed up, they say the man retreated back into his house and a short time later there were large explosions coming from the home and then a fire began to erupt, leveling the two homes on either side, including the one belonging to Imane and Elsayed.