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What’s the Verdict? Are Virtual Trials Working, Are They Here to Stay?

 Thursday, July 8, 2021

 CLM Magazine

‘You’re on mute, your honor.’ If Black’s Law Dictionary held a ‘Phrase of the Year’ contest for the last 12 months, that would be our nomination.

Like most attorneys with active trial practices, when COVID-19 hit our region, we had a number of cases postured for trial.

Unlike most attorneys, fortune and circumstance led us to several ‘virtual verdicts’—cases tried from voir dire to verdict completely virtually.

After trying one of the first virtual jury trials in the nation, we presented and spoke with local and national bar groups, claims professionals, and groups of judges about our experiences.

In doing so, we have a unique perspective on the virtual trial: What it looks like, its pros and cons, and whether it will survive the end of the pandemic.