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Streamline and Automate Claims-Handling Processes to Build Digital Capability

 Friday, July 9, 2021

 Intelligent Insurer

Meredith Barnes-Cook, Ushur’s global head of insurance, is participating in a panel on process automation called ‘Build your digital capability by leveraging technology to streamline and automate claims-handling processes’ at this year’s Intelligent Insurer Claims Innovation USA virtual event on July 14.

She will discuss how insurers can elevate customer and claimant experience, and improve employee engagement while unlocking efficiencies and productivity through intelligent automation.

Barnes-Cook will reveal the role artificial intelligence and machine learning can play as well as explore how carriers can improve outcomes without slowing down the claims process.

With customer experience at the forefront of everyone’s mind in an increasingly crowded and competitive market, claims is, more than ever, the single most important moment of truth that influences retention.

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