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Prepare For A ‘Tsunami’ Of Long-Covid Disability Claims

 Wednesday, October 20, 2021

 HR Brew

More than 40 million Americans have been diagnosed with Covid-19, and research suggests that between a quarter to a third of them will develop long-haul Covid, a mysterious illness characterized by persistent symptoms that include severe fatigue, cognitive impairment, and respiratory problems that may leave more than 20% of patients unable to return to work.

Faced with these numbers, infectious-disease expert Dr. Claire Pomeroy predicts an impending ‘tsunami’ of disability claims stemming from long Covid.

If long-Covid patients, called long-haulers, file as expected, it could amount to an historic influx into the US’s disability system.

But claims require approval, and some insurance providers are already denying long-Covid claims, leaving it up to HR departments to consider other ways to protect their workers.
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