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Flood Survivors Petition Congress To Change The Game, Revamp NFIP

 Wednesday, January 12, 2022

 The Guardian

With towns and cities across the US increasingly deluged by ferocious storms and rising sea levels, a group of disaster survivors has pleaded with the federal government to overhaul a flood insurance system they say is ill-equipped for an era of climate crisis.

A petition of nearly 300 people who have been flooded, and their advocates, is set to be sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) to call for a drastic overhaul of the government-run flood insurance system that underwrites most flood policies in the US.

‘We’ve lived without electricity, running water and secure shelter,’ reads the petition, organized by Anthropocene Alliance, an environmental non-profit.

‘We’ve heard our children cry from the absence of friends, school and safety. And we’ve confronted homelessness, illness and mind-numbing red tape from insurance companies and government agencies.’
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