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A Nation Divided: Covid And The Legislative Challenges It Brings

 Thursday, February 3, 2022


Monday, we wrote about a proposed bill in Utah that would allow firefighters combatting fires in states other than their own to collect workers’ compensation benefits if they were injured on the job.

Legislators there are running into significant headwinds, in the form of paranoid accusations that they are really establishing paramilitary services to enslave people and violate the rights of citizens.

Today, Idaho legislators are finding resistance to a proposed bill that would make employees eligible for workers’ compensation when they experience illness related to employer mandated Covid-19 vaccines.

House Bill 464, co-sponsored by House Assistant Majority Leader Jason Monks, R- Meridian, and Rep. Bruce Skaug, R-Nampa left committee and advanced to the House floor earlier this week.

It appears that Idaho employees are already eligible to receive workers’ comp for injuries related to workplace vaccines, but there has been (no surprise) massive confusion when related to Covid.
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