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March Sets Record For Most Tornado Reports

 Monday, April 4, 2022

 NBC News

After back-to-back tornado outbreaks two weeks in a row, last month set the record for most tornado reports during the month of March.

As of Friday morning, the current preliminary number was 233 tornado reports, breaking the record of 225 reports in 2012, with records going back to the year 2000.

While this is an important statistic, meteorologists stressed the difference between reported and confirmed tornadoes.

Reported tornadoes must be confirmed by the National Weather Service, and that total number will be determined at a later time as surveys continue.

More than 60 tornadoes have already been confirmed from the March 21-23 outbreak. This outbreak included a violent 160 mph EF3 tornado that struck parts of the New Orleans metro area, making it the strongest tornado to impact Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Bernard Parishes on record and just the second F-/EF-3 or higher tornado.