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Bill Banning Use Of Gender For Car Insurance Rates Passes Delaware Senate

 Wednesday, April 6, 2022

 Town Square Live

A lengthy and heated debate on the Senate floor Tuesday preceded the passage of a bill that would make it illegal for car insurers in Delaware to use gender as a factor when determining customers’ premiums.

Senate Bill 231, sponsored by Sen. Kyle Evans Gay, D-Talleyville, came at the recommendation of State Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro, who said in a press release following the bill’s passage that it will result in a ‘more equitable society.’

The bill was based on a disputed report released in March by Navarro that suggests some women in Delaware pay higher automobile insurance premiums than men, even when all other factors are the same.

Despite changing the law relating to automobile insurance, the bill did not go through the Senate Insurance Committee. Instead, it was heard by and released from the Senate Transportation Committee, to the bewilderment of some lawmakers.

‘This is an insurance bill. It didn’t go through the Insurance Committee,’ said Sen. Colin Bonini, R-Dover. ‘Red flag.’
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