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Tools And Talent: Insurers Need Both In Claims

 Monday, May 23, 2022


When property & casualty insurers peer into the future of claims operations, most envision digital technologies playing a dominant role.

Although digital transformation is occurring and necessary in claims departments, there will always be a need for the human touch, especially on more complex losses. Indeed, to be successful in managing claims and enhancing the customer experience, insurers will need to balance both technology and talent.

Finding the balance between tech tools such as artificial intelligence and human skills will require insurers to think more strategically about their claims operations and how they deploy resources.

Terms such as ‘claims automation’ and ‘no-touch claims’ tend to scare claims teams and trigger fears their jobs will be eliminated. Insurers should not let their staffs’ imaginations run wild during digital transformation projects.

Digital technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced analytics are useful ways to increase efficiency and augment -- not replace -- human involvement in the claims process.
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