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Louisiana Insurers Have Paid $13.1B In Hurricane Ida Claims

 Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Insurers have paid or reserved to pay $13.1 billion on all types of Hurricane Ida-related claims in Louisiana through June 30, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced today.

This data is the third measure of damage from Hurricane Ida, which struck the state on August 29, 2021, as a Category 4 storm and affected 25 parishes.

Policyholders have filed 460,709 claims of all types from Hurricane Ida as of June 30. Of those claims, 299,440, or 65%, were closed with payment, garnering $9.8 billion in payments for damage caused by the hurricane.

‘If inflation or the discovery of previously unknown damage caused the cost of your repair to increase since you received the initial payment from your insurance company, you have the right to file a supplemental claim,’ said Commissioner Donelon.