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Survey: Respondents not Happy with Carrier Claim Process Explanations

 Friday, September 9, 2022

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Hi Marley analyzed thousands of four-star claim survey responses in its database and identified 1,300 claims in which policyholders relayed issues that, had they been handled differently, would’ve resulted in a higher rating.

Of those, 95% fell into four categories: process explanation and expectation setting (34%), unresolved claim issues (28%), responsiveness and availability (18%), and adjuster attitude, approach and level of knowledge (15%).

To improve claims experiences for their customers, carriers should improve communication and resolution timeliness, adjuster approach and availability, and explanation of the claims process, according to Hi Marley.

‘The process differences that separate five-star from four-star claims experiences are subtle yet critical, and they mostly all boil down to communication,’ said Mark Snyder, Hi Marley principal consultant and claims subject matter expert.

‘Carriers need to empower employees to communicate effectively, set expectations, [and] be responsive and transparent. Empathy is a major factor in creating five-star experiences and serving customers with kindness, giving them attention and making them feel heard can go a long way.’
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