The Cloud: Connecting the Insurance Ecosystem

 Friday, September 30, 2022

 Insurance Thought Leadership

Cloud-based platforms will let auto insurers make a critical pivot away from purely reactive claims response and processing to claims minimization and avoidance.

More than any other area of insurance operations, claims is best-positioned to benefit from a digitized, unified and continuous ecosystem to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of today’s consumer, support management’s key strategic objectives and bring compelling new value to policyholders.

It is generally understood that, with a connected ecosystem, data and information flow easily and quickly among myriad stakeholders, speeding decisions and improving outcomes.

This holds true for insurance, where digitally connecting all providers necessary to quickly resolve a claim can radically improve consumer experiences, customer loyalty and retention.

Though often perceived as a technology laggard, the insurance industry proved during the pandemic that virtual processes are not only possible but welcome and more efficient. This shift to a more digital-first process was made possible by a combination of connected technologies, many of which will also fuel the industry’s vision of straight-through processing.
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