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Texas Law Firm Suspended In Louisiana Federal Court For Hurricane Laura Suits

 Monday, March 6, 2023

 The Advocate

Houston-based law firm McClenny, Moseley and Associates has been suspended from practice in Louisiana’s Western District federal court over its work on Hurricane Laura insurance cases.

The firm filed at least 1,500 lawsuits just before the deadline to initiate Laura litigation in August.

District Judge James Cain Jr. of Lake Charles took notice of the volume and, in a suspension order Saturday, said he had been ‘concerned about the misconduct of attorneys from McClenny Moseley & Associates.’

Issues included duplicate filings, suits filed on insurance claims that had already been settled, suits filed against insurance companies that had no policy with the homeowner named as plaintiff and filing suits and signing checks without authorization.

‘These issues stand in stark contrast to the way thousands of other hurricane cases have proceeded through this court since December 2020,’ Cain said. ‘Indeed, over half of the 7,000 hurricane Laura and Delta cases filed have already been resolved and no firm has drawn anything close to the level of ethical concerns’ as McClenny, Moseley & Associates.