Appreciative Inquiry -- A Transformational Change Management Tool (IRMI)

Appreciative Inquiry -- A Transformational Change Management Tool

  Friday, May 6th, 2022 Source: IRMI

Improving business outcomes have been pursued by the use of a number of popular methods, including Total Quality Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, the Balanced Score Card, and Appreciative Inquiry.

Traditionally, businesses commonly focused on what was not working in order to "fix it" and improve organizational and operational outcomes. This is one way to achieve improvement, but it creates a negative outlook, focus, and mindset.

This is especially true of safety improvement, where the primary focus is on accidents, unsafe conditions, or acts. The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Model is a positive organizational approach for improvement change initiatives.

The development of the AI Model was influenced by numerous research studies from the fields of medicine, behavioral sciences, and sports that demonstrated the power of positive images on outcomes.

A few key studies included the placebo effect, in which about half of patients believed they had received effective treatment and showed marked improvement in their symptoms. Another study of surgery outcomes showed that patients with more positive thoughts recovered at a much faster rate.

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