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Elvin Pool, the owner and managing adjuster of Big Wheel Claims, Inc., began acquiring experience in all forms of large truck and heavy equipment repair immediately after graduation from high school and studies at Northwood University in Cedar Hill, Texas. Some of his earliest on the job training was as a member of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union in Texas City, Texas where he was employed as an Operating Engineer at AMOCO, the American Oil Company Refinery and a contract employee at Monsanto Chemical Company. He was Manager of Mobile One Trucking in Dallas, a truck conversion company, and continued to manage various aspects of the automobile business both retail and wholesale in Service and Parts. He and family members are personally involved in petroleum investment, both gas and oil. The greatest influence on his career came when he joined the U.S. Army and spent several years training in heavy equipment vehicle use, maintenance, and repair, gaining both mechanical, structural, and salvage knowledge.

Eventually, this broad-spectrum experience in the Oil Patch, general automotive, trucking, and equipment service, opened the door to his becoming a licensed casualty and property insurance adjuster in 14 states, as an independent adjuster and damage appraiser.

Today he limits his business to the four-corners area of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana., specializing in trucking, farming, forestry, road building, and oilfield related equipment, plus any other unique heavy equipment requiring a specialized level of experience.

The main office is located squarely in the center of the territory map as shown on our website, in the forestry tracts of Arkansas and Texas, and the oilfields of the various shale formations in the territory.

His son, Elvin Pool III, (Trey) with 19 years automotive experience, works out of Austin, specializing in storm damage to fleet vehicles including hail. Several associate adjusters are available as volume requires. The uniqueness of being able to send a ready team to a fleet vehicle parking area or jobsite storage lot is invaluable to fleet owners, setting a standard of service that can only strengthen an insurers bond to clients in this most valuable book of business.

Simply send an email with attachments and we will be on the road quickly. We answer your calls 24/7 and work seven days a week as needed. When time and distance allow, we will rush to the scene of a major event and attempt to gather vital early evidence that may mitigate your loss even before the scene has been cleared. Be sure and understand that Big Wheel Claims exist to serve you and care for your insured. Going the extra mile for you is not a problem, but rather a privilege.
Serving Arkansas & Surrounding States
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