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We are an established ladder assist and Roof Inspection Company that will soon be on the radar of all top insurance companies. Superior Roof Support utilizes state of the art, OSHA approved, specialized roofing equipment designed, developed and patented by SOS founders. Superior Roof Support is a national company, currently serving Allstate. With our safety equipment, we have gone to St. Louis and put the engineers from Rimco on slate roofs. There is currently no other ladder that assist companies that can supply that service. Our deployment team is ready, willing, and able to assist with your increased claim volume or catastrophic event nationwide.

Superior Roof Support’s vision:

To be the ladder assist and roof inspection provider of choice by insurance companies nationwide, providing unsurpassed customer support, allowing SOS to achieve 100% satisfaction.

Our experience and expertise will provide your insurance adjuster the best scope of loss possible on multiple story and steep pitch roofs, providing the information needed to create a timely and accurate estimate. Our staff is certified and led by licensed adjusters with both independent and staff adjuster experience.

The benefit to you: Our detailed inspections decrease the amount of supplements filed and increase the amount of claims that can be accurately closed in a short period of time. We can perform these services on any residential or commercial property. We offer competitive rates up to a 60ft ladder which no other ladder assist company offers. Don’t have to worry about if the roof is really storm related damage or not. We follow the Hagga guidelines giving unbiased inspections. We also have a quality control that checks to make sure that all techs are on the same page giving the adjusters that best inspections with no issues. All techs are trained before being put out on their own this gives better inspections for the adjuster.

Superior Roof Support knows our services will benefit your company; we welcome the opportunity to complete an application or participate in an interview process.

At Superior Roof Support, we take care to provide our customers with high-quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

National Steep and High Roof Inspection Services

Whether to follow carrier safety regulations during steep roof inspections processes or simply to handle operations more efficiently, use our skills, certifications and specialized training to save on cost and maximize time on steep roof inspections.

Ladder Assists (Adjuster Present)

When outside Adjusters are onsite, we provide ladder assists around their busy schedules and provide thorough inspection scope and photos.

Direct Inspects (No Adjuster Present)

When no Adjusters are present, we’re available to work with insured's or other contacts to set up an inspection and follow up with you to provide a full inspection report.

Tarping Program

During catastrophe events, we offer emergency tarping services to protect and contain further risk from the elements until inspections are able to be scheduled.
Serving the US
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