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Claims Pages Service Provider Since 11/2/2021
R.A.WEST ASSOCIATES, INC. is an environmental consulting, engineering, contracting, and project management services firm offering a unique interdisciplinary approach to a wide range of insurance-related environmental project and contractual and legal liability concerns including risk identification and management.

For the past eight years, our firm has specialized in first and third party insurance-related environmental issues investigation, project contracting and/or management, litigation support, health and safety issues and expert testimony. WAI has combined technical analysis with sophisticated investigative and research techniques to meet the new challenges of today’s environmental concerns. This approach to complex environmental issues has made WAI a valued strategic resource for the insurance industry and associated law firms.

Areas of Expertise:

•Chemistry (Analytical, Organic, and Inorganic)
•Hydrogeology (Surface and Ground Water)
•Environmental Engineering
•Civil Engineering
•Mechanical Engineering
Serving TX, FL, CA, IL, OH, IN, NY, NJ, PA & MI
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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