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Sound Stage Claims prides itself on being a discreet and experienced choice for insurance companies across the United States.

Specializing in all types of sound, lighting and video systems we understand that no two claim projects are alike, focusing on delivering a personalized experience every time. From initial reports to trusted recommendations, we stand as a damage assessment specialist that is both fair and knowledgeable in our work. We understand the importance of insured audiovisual equipment, and we take all assessments, inspections, and reports seriously to ensure the most professional and detailed result possible.

One of the greatest strengths we have at Sound Stage Claims is our comprehensive knowledge of
popular, market-leading audiovisual equipment combined with our over 40 year’s experience in system design, installation and operation. This expertise covers sound, lighting, and video systems commonly found in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, churches, entertainment venues, theaters, and more. We understand how these systems operate and what constitutes damage that can be repaired versus extensive damage that is irreversible. Get in touch with Sound Stage Claims today if you’re dealing with a complicated or potentially expensive audiovisual equipment claim. Our team will ensure an accurate and thorough inspection, assessment, and report.

Reliable Expertise and a Better Understanding

We provide more than audiovisual damage inspection at Sound Stage Claims. Our team is also trained to look at the cause and the origin of any equipment issue. These detailed evaluations are a more thorough option to help insurance companies understand the cause and impact behind an incident.

It’s another reason why Sound Stage Claims is a trusted source for highly accurate audiovisual
inspections after problems occur. Additionally, we can help provide a more detailed understanding of insured audiovisual equipment with strategic risk management consulting. Get in touch with Sound Stage Claims today to discuss all of your audiovisual equipment claim needs.
Serving the US
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