Most online advertising is done through a cost-per-impression or cost-per-click basis. Our rates are per year. We feel one of the most important pieces to your marketing puzzle is longevity. Your advertisement needs time to gain traction and build brand recognition. We don't limit your campaign views and clicks.
The Platinum Listing
Our flagship product, the Platinum listing, provides everything a service provider could possibly need in an online marketing campaign for their business. Unlike a generic directory listing, a Platinum listing includes a completely customizable page dedicated to your company. Updating your custom page is as easy as sending a tweet and you can modify your content as often as you would like.
Besides the company name, address and phone number, your Platinum listing will include a custom Google Map, company overview, territories serviced, hours of operation, designations, certifications, license information and so much more!
You can even include your social networking accounts to help gain more followers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and even Foursquare are all included!
Your Platinum listing will be cataloged and indexed on the fastest growing website in the claims industry. No matter what size business you run, we have the perfect package for you. From local county providers, to Platinum listings covering the entire country.

18 Listings


24 Listings


36 Listings


Entire State

To order your Platinum package, simply call 800-290-1347 or complete our get listed form and a representative will contact you.
Another advertising option are targeted, clickable banners. These beautiful banners are meticulously crafted by our in-house graphics department at no additional cost to you. They come in three main sizes, Leaderboard, Quad, and Single. They click directly to your own website.
Statewide Single & Home Quad Banners
The Statewide Single Banner is seen on every single page inside of the selected state. A maximum of 12 sponsors are allowed per state, so you can be guaranteed to be part of a small group. These banners apply to all categories.
The Statewide Home Quad Banner is seen on the homepage for every user located in your state. It's four times the size of a single banner. The homepage accounts for over half of the total traffic of the entire website and the maximum number of sponsors is capped at two per state. Maximum exposure, minimal cost.
Custom Graphic Design
Displayed Throughout the Entire State
Featured Across All Categories
Exclusive to 12 Sponsors Per State
Leaderboard Banners
The Leaderboard Banners are much more granular. You can target your impressions through three different packages. All Leaderboard Banners are created by a professional graphic artist. Not only will we cook up a striking layout with your guidance at no extra charge, but we'll create three different versions of the banner for each major display type. This means your banner will look perfect on all devices from the smallest phones to the largest desktop computers.
The Leaderboard Banners are not only the physically largest advertisement available, but there isn't another product that is displayed this high on the page. From a Search-Engine Optimazation perspective, this means that search bots will crawl your banner link before if crawls anything else on the page.
1 County
1 Category
Exclusive Position
1 State
1 Category
Exclusive Position
Fill All Empty
County Banners
1 State
All Categories
Exclusive Position
Top-Level Position
Newsletter Rotation
Fill All Empty
Category Banners
County Banners
To order your Banner package, simply visit our customer service page or complete our get listed form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.
Interested in even more exposure? Visit our National Rates page for more information.