Mid-America Catastrophe Services
Special Weather Statement in Calhoun County, Georgia
Issued by the National Weather Service and archived by Claims Pages
Calhoun County Georgia Urgency: Expected Severity: Minor Certainty: Observed
Active Timeframe
6/23/2022 5:54:00 AM until 6/23/2022 7:30:00 PM   EXPIRED
Alert Summary
HIGH FIRE DANGER CONDITIONS CONTINUE TODAY OVER SOUTHWEST AND SOUTH CENTRAL GEORGIA... This will be the hottest day of the ongoing heat wave, with record-breaking triple-digit heat. Unseasonably low relative humidity values of 22-30 percent are expected. A deeply mixed layer will support very high dispersion and tall, well-developed smoke columns if a fire generates enough heat. Dead fuels will dry quickly. Live fuels will become stressed and wilty. Please refer to your local burn permitting authorities whether you may burn outdoors. If possible, delay burning until next week. If you do burn outside, use extreme caution.