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Human Internal Organ Chart
Human Internal Organ Chart
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A visual chart showing the placement of the stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, galbladder and other human internal organs.
The human brain is one of the most complex objects in the world. It holds our memories, tells our muscles to move, keeps our heart beating, allows us to communicate, and enables us to feel emotions. Here is a list of what the different parts of the brain do: CEREBRUM: Stores memories and controls responsiveness to different sensory signals. CEREBELLUM:...
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The Human Heart Chart
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Human Circulatory System
SKELETAL VIEWS Form 4006D © 2004 Nationwide Publishing Company, Inc. LATERAL VIEW OF THE HUMAN SKULL AND SPINE NUMBER DESCRIPTION FUNCTIONS 1 Frontal Bone 2 Nasal Bone 3 Maxilla 4 Mandible 5 Atlas 6 Temporal Bone 7 Occipital 8 Parietal 9 Temperomandibular Joint 10 Cervical Vertebrae C1-2–Head and Neck,...
PANDEMIC: CAN THE LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY SURVIVE THE AVIAN FLU? .. Moderate influenza pandemic similar to 1957 and 1968 outbreaks could cost U.S. life insurers $15 billion in additional claims .. Severe pandemic similar to 1918 experience could cost up to $155 billion. January 17, 2006 (Updated November 1, 2006) Steven Weisbart,...
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