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PO Box B
New Castle, IN 47362
Phone: 765-529-6401
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7/1/2016 - Insurance agents could be selling individual professional liability policies to police officers if proposals in certain cities are adopted. Allegations of police brutality and abuse are on the rise across the country, with a related spike in lawsuits agai
6/30/2016 - A car slammed into a father and a daughter riding their bicycles on Long Island, killing one of them, then crashed into the front porch of a home, causing the porch to collapse, police say. A 57-year-old woman was driving a 2002 Ford Explorer on N
6/30/2016 - Snake oil salesmen in the 1800s made a living selling potions with extravagant healing claims that were patently false. Medical con artists, like all con artists, trade in ignorance. Snake oil salesmen trade in the victim’s ignorance of medical scien
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