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The Claims Associations Database includes detailed listings for insurance claims associations across the entire United States. This includes national and local associations.
The Department of Insurance database includes contact information for each state's Department of Insurance office.
Using the Great Circle method which treats the globe as a perfect sphere, the Distance Calculator estimates the distance between varying latitudes and longitudes.
Our Hospital Database includes contact and location information for hospitals and medical facilities across the US.
The Insurance Associations database includes contact information for national and local insurance associations from across the United States.
The Time Period Calculator is used by workers' compensation adjusters to determine the number of weeks and between specific dates. You can also calculate an ending date for benefits based on a starting date and the number of weeks allowed.
The Value of Money Calcuator will compute the present or future value of an amount of money over a set number of years and at a specific interest rate.
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8/28/2015 - Wal-Mart’s insurance company has offered a settlement to a North Texas grandmother after she took her SUV to Wal-Mart for a routine oil change and returned to find it had been totaled. Two weeks ago, a Wal-Mart automotive technician drov
8/28/2015 - The maker of Sara Lee, Nature’s Harvest and other brands is recalling about 48,000 packages of bread sold in 11 states because they may contain fragments of glass from a broken light bulb at a company factory. Bimbo Bakeries said Wednesday one consu
8/28/2015 - More than half a foot of rain fell on parts of Sioux Falls Thursday evening, sending flash floods ripping across roadways and pouring into basements. No one was hurt, but the waist-deep waters stranded scores of motorists and left hundreds mopping up
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