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NFIP Adjuster Authorization Course
Employment Law-Focused Review of State Cannabis Laws Released
A comprehensive report aims to help employers understand the rights and responsibilities they must consider with cannabis in the workplace
CLM Magazine / March 2020
The 63-page report, "Cannabis in the Workplace: A Comparative Law Review of Employee Rights and Employer Obligations," sheds light on four key employment questions raised by cannabis legalization:
  • Does it "impact an employer's right to engage in pre-employment drug testing"?
  • Will employers have to "accommodate cannabis use for treatment of medical conditions"?
  • Does legalization "provide employees employment protections for off-duty cannabis use"?
  • Will employers or their workers compensation carriers be required to "reimburse cannabis as a treatment for workplace injuries"?
Cannabis and Compliance
Attorney Darren J. Hunter helps us navigate the legal and regulatory requirements for cannabis operations

19 states have recognized protections or accommodations for medical cannabis use by employees? They include Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia

Does Legalized Pot Reduce Workers' Comp Claims?
Claims Pages News
A study conducted by researchers at Temple University has produced some surprising statistics. It seems to suggest that "medical marijuana may lead to fewer workers' compensation claims."
Multiple States Provide Workplace Protection For Medicinal Marijuana. Could California Be Next?
Understanding Local Pricing Is Crucial For Cannabis Claims

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