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COVID-19 Brings About a Sea Change in Cannabis
Once a pariah, dispensaries are being deemed essential in many states
CLM Magazine / April 2020
In March 2020, state after state issued "shelter in place" orders that required non-essential workers to stay home. Many of these emergency orders also listed the essential services that were permitted to stay open to provide food, prescriptions, and health care. Because states that have legalized medical marijuana recognize cannabis as essential medicine for many people, declaring cannabis licensees as "essential" is consistent with that mandate.
Workplace Safety Becomes Essential for Cannabis Industry
Here's how cannabis providers can draft a workplace safety policy to avoid COVID-19 liabilities.

According to Leafly's annual Cannabis Jobs Report published in February 2020, there were 243,700 full-time-equivalent jobs supported by legal cannabis as of January 2020. Of those, 33,700 were created in 2019.

Understanding Local Pricing Is Crucial For Cannabis Claims
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Cannabis businesses face a wide array of risks and obstacles. Arguably one of the main exposures to impact the industry so far is theft. As the medical and recreational cannabis markets continue to expand into new states, theft claims involving cannabis-related stock and/or raw materials are also on the rise.
Cannabis Services Reform Stalls
4 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Cannabis And Insurance

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