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The Most Dangerous Job In America Will Surprise You
Friday, August 2nd 2019
When we talk about dangerous jobs, most people thinking about police, firefighters, fishermen or construction workers. But there’s another amongst the fastest growing category of high-risk jobs.
Beyond The Template: Write An Effective Reservation Of Rights Now And Avoid Trouble Later
Flood Water Ruins Dozens Of Cars In Vinoy, Florida Valet Parking Garage
Homes, Cars Damaged From Flash Flooding In Greensboro, North Carolina
Calibrated Claims
Several Homes Destroyed, People Missing After Fatal Gas Explosion In Kentucky
Thursday, August 1st 2019
Authorities say a massive gas pipeline explosion has rocked Lincoln County, Kentucky early Thursday morning, killing at least one female, injuring five and leaving several unaccounted for.
Jaw-Dropping Settlements Becoming The Norm In Retail Slip And Fall Claims And The Liability Shield
Dodge Cars With Big Engines Top HLDI's List Of Most Stolen Vehicles
Insurer Sued: After Tornado Damage, Coverage Denied For Lack Of Mitigation
Wednesday, July 31st 2019
An elderly couple whose house in the Grace Chapel area was destroyed by a tornado in 2017 say that their insurance company has refused to pay for much of the damage.
Body Found By Insurance Adjuster Days After Charlotte House Burned To The Ground
Six Florida Roofers Injured After Lightning Strike
Millennials And The Gig Economy Are Remaking The Workers' Comp Landscape
To Launch A Successful Claims Closure Initiative, The Key Is Changing Company Culture
Tuesday, July 30th 2019
Claims closure projects aren't a simple matter, but they're well worth the effort. By closing claims that are 20-30 years old, companies are often able to settle for less than the case reserve and save on any future incurred but not reported (IBNR) costs associated with a particular case.
Back In Session: A Preview Of Claims College's School Of Claims Mediation
Millions Of Unplanted Acres Mean Billions In Crop Insurance Payouts This Year
Chino Hills Blaze Caused By Large Bird That Caught Fire On Power Line
Adjuster's Statement Likely To Boost Judgement Against Progressive
Monday, July 29th 2019
A lawsuit filed against Progressive Casualty Insurance is moving forward, after a judge denied a motion by the insurer to dismiss the case.
Do Your Job, Even If It Kills You?
More Than 21,000 Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims Are Still Open
Pennsylvania Strip Mall Gas Line-Fueled Fire Damage Estimated Up To $1.5M
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