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Frontier Adjusters
Virginia Beach, Virginia Orders Mandatory Evacuations For Sandbridge Ahead Of Dorian
Friday, September 6th 2019
Officials around Hampton Roads and northeastern North Carolina are telling residents in the region’s most flood-prone neighborhoods to consider moving to safer ground.

Virginia Beach officials ordered a mandatory evacuation for Sandbridge residents effective at 6 p.m., and voluntary evacuations for those who live in Zone A and areas that have historically experienced flooding.
UK Insurance Industry Sees Billions Shift As Brexit Sends Business Out Of London
Ned Ryerson And The Future Of Insurance
Hurricane Dorian Generates Thousands Of Travel Insurance Claims
Star Consultants
Stephens Engineering
Dueling Visions Of Carman In Closing Arguments In Insurance Case
Thursday, September 5th 2019
Nathan Carman is either a deceptive young man whose shoddy repairs led to the sinking of his boat with his mother presumably on board, or he’s a victim of a terrible misfortune brought on by a boat that never should have been on the water.
Business Email Compromise Overtakes Ransomware And Data Breaches In Cyber-Insurance Claims
What Is A Center Of Excellence And How Can It Impact Workers’ Compensation?
Storm Surge, Torrential Rains And Hurricane Force Winds Pound The Carolinas As Hurricane Dorian Grinds North
Tesla Autopilot Engaged In 2018 California Crash; Driver’s Hands Off Wheel: NTSB
Wednesday, September 4th 2019
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on Tuesday that a Tesla Model S was in Autopilot mode and the driver’s hands were off the wheel when it struck a fire truck in Culver City, California, one of a series of crashes the board is investigating involving Tesla’s driver assistance system.
Are Cyber Insurance Companies Contributing To Ransomware Attack Growth?
Tropical Storms Fernand And Gabrielle Form As Hurricane Dorian Spins Away From Florida
The Switch To Preventing Claims
Washington Supreme Court Throws Automobile Subrogation Into Chaos
Tuesday, September 3rd 2019
The Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said that, “Chaos is the name we give order which produces confusion in our minds.” With that definition in mind, the July 3, 2019 Washington Supreme Court decision of Daniels v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 2019 WL 2909308 (Wash. July 3, 2019), is responsible for about as much chaos as you can possibly throw into one state’s body of subrogation law.
The Bell Tolls For AOB Litigation
Hurricane Dorian Likely To Cause $25 Billion Of Losses, UBS Says
Dorian Weakens To Category 2 Hurricane On Approach To Florida
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