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How Is COVID-19 Affecting Workers Compensation?
Here's what top industry experts say we can expect in workers compensation in 2020.
CLM Magazine
How is COVID-19 affecting workers compensation? How are processes in this line evolving? What challenges await? Here's what top industry experts say we can expect in workers compensation in 2020.
The Insurance Information Institute recently said it thought workers' compensation would be one of the most affected lines of insurance when it came to COVID-19's impact. Do you agree?
Be Kind and Keep It Simple
Managing litigated workers compensation claims through advocacy and empathy.
CLM Magazine
In 2017, co-author Kimberly Simmons, nationwide director of safety and claims management at Fidelity National Financial (FNF), in Jacksonville, Florida, wanted to try a new strategy to manage her company's workers compensation claims.

According to the Insurance Information Institute's reporting, Travelers was the top writer of workers compensation insurance, writing $4.2 billion in direct premiums in 2019. Hartford Financial Services was second with $3.4 billion, and Zurich Insurance Group was third with $2.6 billion.

Finding Alternatives to Narcotics in Workers Compensation
Opioid use in the age of prescription abuse, misuse, diversion, and over-prescribing
CLM Magazine
In general, short-term opioid use is intended to relieve pain related to acute, traumatic injury, as well as post-surgical pain. However, the vast majority of opioids used in the United States are prescribed for chronic pain, with the goal of maximizing the functionality and quality of life of injured patients, while also controlling their persistent pain. The International Association for the Study of Pain has defined chronic pain as, "pain that persists beyond normal tissue healing time, which is assumed to be three months."

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COVID-19's Top Legal And Regulatory Pitfalls For Workers' Comp - What To Watch Out For
Risk & Insurance
The state-level workers' comp system is difficult enough to navigate in an average world.
But combined with ever-changing federal mandates related to Coronavirus, it adds a complexity to the pandemic environment that will impact employers for a long time to come, as they seek to not only protect employees, but also mitigate their legal and compliance risks.
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