Alaska Workers' Compensation Forms

A collection of workers' compensation documents which are authorized to be used in the state of Alaska.


Alaska - Motor Vehicle Collision Report: 12-200 (4/12)

The Alaska Motor Vehicle Collision report describes the persons, vehicles, and circumstances involved. It includes a crash diagram and narrative, with contributing factors and sequence of events.

Alaska - Motor Vehicle Crash Form: 12-209

This form is Alaska driver's self-report form for a motor vehicle crash where the damage is less than $500. It describes the persons, vehicles and circumstances involved, and includes a crash diagram.

Alaska Counties Map

This document displays a map of Alaska with county boundaries and names.

Alaska Counties Map - Non Label

This document displays a blank map template of Alaska with county boundaries.

Worker's Compensation Subrogation In Construction For All 50 States

This article will present a quick overview of current workers’ compensation subrogation in construction settings.

Workers Compensation First Report of Injury or Illness - (ACORD 1/13)

First report of Injury or Illness for a workers compensation claim, an ACORD form.

Workers' Compensation Accident - Employee

Statement guideline for interviewing the employee/claimant in a workers' compensation claim. Includes initial questions and follow up questions based on responses given.