NFIP Narrative Report FEMA Form 086-0-15 (4/17)

The adjuster uses this form to report information in narrative format that is necessary to document the claim that's not provided in the Preliminary or Final Report.


NFIP Adjuster's Final Report FEMA Form 086-0-14 (4/17)

This form is used by adjusters to document the overall flood damages to the insured's property and provide a detailed summary of the claims information.

NFIP Adjuster's Preliminary Report FEMA Form 086-0-13 (4/17)

The FEMA Preliminary Report form is used by an adjuster to initially document a property loss insured under the National Flood Insurance Plan.

NFIP Adjuster Certification Application FEMA Form 086-0-21 (4/17)

This form is used to collect information from individuals seeking to become certified flood adjusters.

Cause of Loss and Subrogation Report FEMA Form 086-0-16 (04/17)

The adjuster uses this form to identify potentially responsible third parties and their actions that may have caused worsened flood damage. This includes looking at foundation grading and adequacy of sewer lines.

Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Adjusters Report FEMA Form 086-0-19 (4/17)

This form provides FEMA with information regarding substantial damage, mitigation measures, repetitive loss and cost associated with compliance to floodplain management ordinances.

National Flood Insurance Program - Adjuster Claims Manual - Part IV

The NFIP Adjuster Claims Manual Part IV contains claims forms.

Missouri - Uniform Accident Report - Narrative/Statements: SHP-220

Missouri Uniform Crash Report Narrative / Statements Continuation / Supplement (SHP-220) is used when more space is needed to complete Section 11 - Narrative / Statements or when additional narrative information is acquired after the original report has been submitted.