Emergency Louisiana Insurance Rule Protects Hurricane Laura Survivors

 Wednesday, September 9, 2020

 The Advocate

Hurricane Laura survivors who are insurance policy holders were impacted by a new emergency rule by the Louisiana insurance commissioner which enables residents to file insurance claims during a situation when hundreds of thousands are still without electricity in Southwest Louisiana.

The emergency rule covers both homeowners and business owners and adds some "necessary protections", according to the Louisiana Insurance Commission Jim Donelon.

The rule is meant to "give policyholders who have been displaced from their homes time to try and begin the process of recovery and avoid being penalized in any way for non-payment of premiums", Donelon said in a news release.

It applies to all insurance claims, both residential and commercial properties damaged by the named storm.

All policy holders who live in more than a dozen parishes impacted by the storm have a legal extension to pay insurance premiums after August 27 without any late fees, penalties, cancellations or non-renewals by the insurance company.
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