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Boxing Champ Errol Spence Jr. Hospitalized After Wrecking Ferrari
Friday, October 11th 2019
Welterweight boxing champion Errol Spence Jr. was thrown from a Ferrari early Thursday while driving in Dallas, but he is expected to survive, police say.
Where Are The Insurance Checks For Hurricane Michael?
Wind-Driven Wildfires Burn Dozens Of Southern California Homes
Children Playing With Lighter Set Motel 6 On Fire
Pilot Catastrophe
Montana Claims
Using High-Resolution Data For Flood Risk
Thursday, October 10th 2019
More than 200 million people and two-thirds of the 48 contiguous states are at risk from flooding, according to Edward Clark, director of the U.S. National Water Center. This demonstrates the major threat that flooding poses to the reinsurance industry in the U.S
Nationwide To Honor The Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim Of 2019
Risk Aggregation A 'Key Concern' As Wildfire Severity Rises
PG&E Taking Extreme Measures To Manage Wildfire Risk
If Cannabis Dies, How Expensive Could The Claim Get?
Wednesday, October 9th 2019
If a hydroponics system fails and it's tomatoes or peppers that are spoiled, that's one thing. But what happens if it's a legal cannabis facility?
SoCal Edison Crane Falls On Home, Injures Pastor
Disaster Capitalism: More Homes Being Constructed In Risk Zones Than In Safe Areas
Jury Awards $8 Billion In Risperdal Suit Against Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary
Detecting Auto Fraud With AI: Looking For Outliers Among Thousands Of Variables
Tuesday, October 8th 2019
Artificial intelligence can make it nearly impossible for fraudsters to make a false claim appear real, the founder of an A.I. vendor suggests. If an auto insurance claim is fraudulent, A.I. software could pick up on that as long as it has enough data about other fraudulent - and legitimate - claims, said Gary Saarenvirta, founder and CEO of Toronto-based Daisy Intelligence.
Insurers Win Court Battle Over Bogus Pirate Attack Fraud
Homes And Vehicles Go Up In Flames On Ono Island, Alabama
Washington Supreme Court Holds Claims Adjusters Cannot Be Personally Liable For Bad Faith
The General Contractor Problem: Paying Overhead And Profit In First-Party Claims
Monday, October 7th 2019
Standard homeowner policies pay personal property claims at actual cash value (ACV), which is the replacement cost (RC) of the damaged property based on its current used condition. In other words, it is valued at what it would cost to replace the property at today's cost minus depreciation: Replacement Cost Value (RCV) - Depreciation = Actual Cash Value (ACV)
Is California Ignoring The Science On Wildfire-Prone Housing?
Notable News From InsureTech Connect Conference
Judge In California Insurance Case Refuses To Change Ruling In Favor Of Lara Donor
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